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Her Imprisoned Heart Excerpt

Doctor Richardson arched his eyebrows before he wrote down Kole’s reply in the chart. He began to thumb through the thick chart, pausing every so often to read what was written from the previous doctors. You have been replying with the same answer since the day you were brought here. Doctor Richardson spoke then looked up at Kole. His eyes held confusion about why Kole was imprisoned in the first place, for the crimes his parents committed.

Kole shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He wasn’t going anywhere as far as he knew. Being raised with the other prisoners, he’d learned about life the hard way. Receiving his education both in the classroom and outside of the cells when they were allowed to go outside for some fresh air and to exercise once a day. He learned about life the very hard way from the daily beating he’d received from the men.

Doctor Richardson scratched his head with a finger before looking up at Kole. “It’s stated here you’re being punished for the crimes of your parents,” he spoke while looking at Kole with even more confused eyes.

“That is privileged information,” the Robot spoke startling the doctor. A metal hand reached out to grab the file from the doctor’s stiff hands.

Kole shrugged his shoulders again but remained silent with hate in his eyes. He can feel his heart racing into hyper-drive. Shaking his head and knew what was going to happen to the doctor he’d barely met.

The doctor glanced away from Kole to the robot standing behind the younger man. “Can you leave us alone, please?” Doctor Richardson asked while staring at the robot then back to Kole. He was about to say something when the robot interrupted them.

“The request is unacceptable and denied,” the robot answered.

Kole shrugged his shoulders again, “he’s right, the warden’s afraid I’ll make an escape or someone will break me out of here. Which is impossible since this is an elite prison and no one has escaped here. I was raised within the confines of these walls. Everything I do is reported back to the warden. I suggest you watch what you say and that little request will be reported to the warden and you will be replaced by tomorrow.” Kole stood surprising the doctor who’s looking up at him with puzzled eyes. Kola’s action caught the robots attention.

“Our session isn’t over, Kole. Please, sit down.” The doctors’ finger pointing to the chair behind Kole then stood.

Kola’s eyes grew hard, “look, I’ve been locked up in here longer then most prisoners. I’ve seen tougher men cry at night and some even died in here. I’ve been here a lot longer then most men have ever stayed. Nothing bothers me anymore when it did, I was five years old.

Hell these robots raised me and taught me everything I know. More likely, I’ll die here and never see outside of these metal walls.” Or to know how a woman will feel beneath him when I make love to her for the first time. Kole thought with a sharp pain stabbing into his heart. Anger started to rise within him and he fought against it so it wouldn’t be reported to the warden. Shaking his head before walking out of the shrink’s office and down the corridor before the robot caught up with him

A steel hand resting on his shoulder. “This behavior will be reported to the warden,” the robot informed him.

Kole let out a sigh and closed his eyes, “I know.” He opened his eyes and let the robot push him through the cell door and the cuffs were taken off. He didn’t turn around when the door closed behind him. He stood in the middle of the room rubbing his wrists. Damn it, this is the last thing I need to happen today. Rubbing his wrists, walking across the metal floor.

The plasma TV came on by itself when he threw himself onto the small cot in the corner of the room. Closing his eyes to block out the vision of the president as he droned on about the laws of Kapnek. He’d already known the laws by heart since nothing had changed for the past twenty-years. After the laws were read, the world, wide will news came on. Kole opened his eyes to watch what was going on in the world. But he knew the media left out what was really going on.