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Tamia Dawn Osburn Homepage

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tammie Ainsworth and my pen name is Tamia Dawn Osburn. Summer is coming and it's only going to get hotter. So find a nice relaxing spot and curl up with a nice book to read.

Feel free to vist any of my web pages and my other website.

On another note, I am sadden to say that Tamia Dawn Osburn is retiring as The Goddess is the last book in my Wiccan/Alliance series. I hope you enjoyed reading my series' as much as I enjoyed writing them. Not to worry, Tammie Ainsworth is still writing and coming up with many more ideas.

As you all know, my daughter is now a writer and we're still looking for a house to publish Ghostly Dare and Bethany Marie has her own website so click on the name and it'll take you there, I hope.



You can also find my books listed with Fictionwise.


You can find my books at:

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